Updates & Releases

Here's the summary of our product updates for GoGovSG.

Q3 2022 Jul-Sep

  • Released new feature: Link History

    • Users can now track all changes to the shortlink since creation, which includes changes to original link URL, the link status, the link tags & the link owners.

Q4 2022 Oct-Dec

  • Released new feature: Link Tagging

    • Users can now note down details about their shortlinks & make it easy to locate related shortlinks that have the same tag.

  • Released new feature: External APIs

    • Users can now generate & utilise GoGovSG APIs to get/create/update shortlinks.

  • Released new feature: Bulk Link Creation

    • Users can now create up to 1000 shortlinks at once with the upload of a single .csv file.

Q1 2023 Jan-Mar

  • Updated our existing File Sharing feature:

    • Increased file size limit per shortlink to 20mb

Q2 2023 Apr-Jun

  • Updated our existing File Sharing feature:

    • Added 'zip' files to the list of accepted file types

    • Disabled uploading of password-protected files

For more information, please refer to our GitHub here.

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