What is GoGovSG?

GoGovSG is the official Singapore government link shortener, built by the Open Government Products team in GovTech.
There are multiple reasons why we built an official government link shortener:
  • URLs are too long to fit into tweets or SMSes, and difficult to remember
  • Email clients might block other commercial link shorteners if they are listed as spam on their site
  • Citizens are afraid of phishing when receiving a shortened link and unsure of where it goes
  • With GoGovSG, citizens are safe in the knowledge that the links are official. Any public officer can log in with their government emails and immediately create short links with the official domain.

Who can use GoGovSG?

Any public officer with an email ending in can login with their email. They will receive a One Time Password that is sent to that email.
If you are a school staff member with an email ending in, please approach your school’s IT team to ask about procuring a email address.

Why didn’t I receive the OTP instantly?

An OTP is immediately sent to your email address right after you’ve keyed it in. However, your email servers may take some time to process that to ensure that it is not a malicious email being sent to your inbox. If you have problems with receiving the OTP, please contact your AFM or IT team to resolve this.

Is the GoGovSG QR code secure?

As for the security of QR codes, although it is susceptible to tempering (like all QR codes are), the link Go's QR codes will take to will always have:
1. A domain for the link that cannot be tempered with 2. A transition page (for first-time visitors) that indicates
  • A "Singapore Government Website" banner to ensure legitimacy
  • An educative message for members of public to note the domain in the browser to be aware of phishing

Yes! Login to GoGovSG, click the link on your dashboard, and edit your url under the “Original link” field. Click safe to confirm your changes.
1. Click on the link on your dashboard
2. Edit your URL under “Original Link” field, click “Save” button
3. A notification toaster will indicate that your link has been updated

No, you cannot delete the link. Please choose your short link names wisely as it is associated with your email.
However, you can toggle the link “Active” or “Inactive”. An inactive short link will lead to a page on GoGovSG that says “Page Not Found”.

Click on your link and follow the instructions below!
1. Under the link owner section, key in the email of the new owner and click “Transfer” button
2. You will see a notification that you link has been transferred to the new owner

How do I generate a QR code on GoGovSG?

Step 1: Click on your link on your dashboard Step 2: A drawer will appear, and you will see the option to Download QR code. As shown below.

What is a transition page?

While only authenticated public officers can generate GoGovSG links, anyone can easily use a QR code generator to create a QR code, impersonating as public officers. Non-discerning users may not notice that they are not visiting a link through GoGovSG.
Even though QR code can easily be replicated, a transition page is not.
When a visitor lands on your shortlink for the first time, they will be served a transition page. This is to ensure that user is aware of the destination url that they are visiting, and more importantly, prevent any potential phishing attempts with the use of QR code.
Here’s how it looks like as an end user accessing the shortlink!

How does GoGovSG affect my GA data?

When someone types link directly into the browser or scans a QR code, it counts as direct traffic
When someone clicks on a link on an agency website say, it counts as referral.
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How do I generate a QR code on GoGovSG?
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