Wanted to use a link but realised that it has been taken or wondering who owns a particular shortlink within your organisation?
Directory allows you to search for the link owners through keyword search or you can also search the links owned by a particular user through their email or email domains if you want to find out how many links your organisation owns.

Search by keywords or email

1. Keywords

Keyword search is typically useful when you want to search for the owner of a particular link.
This can be anything from the full complete shortlink ( to only the shortlink (your-link).
search by full shortlink
search by shortlink

2. Email

This is useful when you want to know how many links is owned by a particular officer or even within your organisation.
You can either key in the email address of the officer ([email protected]) or the email domain ( if you want to see how many links are owned by your agency.

Search results

The search result will contain details about the shortlink and who owns it.
You can copy the email address of the link owner by clicking on the email address.